Defining Legacy: What Will You Leave Behind?


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At Then Who Brand, we believe in the power of legacy—the lasting impact we leave on the world and generations to come. Today, we want to delve deeper into the meaning of legacy and inspire you to reflect on what it means to you personally.
What does legacy mean to you? Is it about leaving a lasting impact on your family through financial stability? Is it about inspiring others to reach their full potential? Or perhaps it's about making a positive change in your community or even the world?
To further explore the concept of legacy, let's consider different examples. When I think of legacy, it's something as simple and heartwarming as your great grandmother's pie recipe - your Mom then taught you to bake during the family gatherings. When I think of legacy, on a grander scale, I think of individuals like Maya Angelou, whose legacy of powerful words continues to inspire generations. Kalief Browder's legacy is one of highlighting the deep flaws within the criminal justice system and the urgent need for reform. His story of enduring unjust imprisonment without trial and the subsequent mental health challenges he faced, has sparked conversations and actions to address the injustices faced by many others in similar situations. These examples show that legacy is not confined to a single domain; it can encompass various aspects of life.
We encourage you to envision the legacy you want to create. What values and principles will guide your actions? How will your legacy positively impact the lives of others? Take some time to journal or reflect on these questions—it's an essential step towards aligning your actions with your desired legacy.
Remember, legacy is a journey of consistent effort, growth, and purposeful actions. Each step you take brings you closer to leaving a meaningful legacy that will be remembered and celebrated for years to come.
In our upcoming emails this month, we will explore different aspects of legacy, share inspiring stories, and provide practical guidance on how you can build your own legacy in various areas of wealth.
We'd love to hear from you too! Feel free to reply to this email and share what legacy means to you or any inspiring stories you'd like to contribute. Your stories may be featured in our future newsletters to inspire others on their legacy-building journeys.
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